Hints, Tricks and Horrors of Product Pursuit

Flimflammers (Clip 2)

Do you know any Flimflammers? I hope not!

By paying cash “up-front” any weasel can buy a most impressive, glossy advertisement to brag all about their resources, abilities and performance.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t you dare “pay up front”. Don’t you risk your money on a bogus deal that can leave you “high and dry” with money gone -and no help. Always get references from living, breathing, satisfied customers.

Any businessman (factory, distributor, whatever) should supply a client list. If not, walk away!
But when they do give a list, you must call those clients. Get the scoop on actual performance. Were they worth it? You know your going to pay. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some results for your money, your efforts and your anguish?

Like it or not, you’re entering “business”. You’re in the business of Product Pursuit. And any successful business has a habit of relying on ….what? Do you remember? Well, what are we always talking about? Yup! Credibility!

You’ll be hearing more about credibility - or the lack of it, several times in future horror stories. It seems we met our share of fimflammers and weasels. You’ll see!

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