Hints, Tricks and Horrors of Product Pursuit

Confidentiality - Distant (Clip 11)

Confidentiality Agreements (or Non-Disclosure Agreements) were number 3 of our 9 protective devices and are more adaptable for folks you want to work with. They may have more secrets than you.

Think of Prototype people, molders, machinist or corporations you’d like to impress -with a new product. It’s nice if you already know their reputation, honesty and integrity. But, thanks to the world-wide web you’ll also solicit strangers.

To get their help they’ll have to know about you, and all about your product. Now, remember -ideas are seldom stolen. Proven products are much preferred. Why bother with an untested idea- when they can copy a proven hot product that’s flying off the shelf? Get over It! Get moving on your idea.

Dealing at a distance, your initial inquiry can describe the type of assistance your seeking with limited disclosure of your invention or product (just enough to assure they avoid any conflict with another products or customers). You want their full attention, without any concern over another product or client.

Suggest you’ll submit a signed confidential agreement (theirs or yours) for mutual agreement. Allow full disclosure of pertinent information between you both.

Don’t make it all about you…or your invention. They have secrets too. Let them know you need to pump them - for everything else they can do (their abilities and limitations). You need that info for future plans and products that will need help too.

You both should seek a lasting relation. Tell them bluntly, that you prefer to deal (and return) to familiar, comfortable sources whenever possible. They’ll get your drift. And if they want your business - if they favor attitude and appreciation papers will be signed.

But if they seem uncomfortable, then so should you. But, don’t stomp away all upset. Always remain cordial enough to keep doors open. You may have need for back-up suppliers or assistance beyond the abilities of the favored choice you finally discover. Your customers don’t want to hear relayed business problems or excuses regarding delivery delays. You must qualify competent sources through confidence...often supported by confidential information.

Our next tip will show dealing face to face during such interviews is easier. And submitting your Confidentiality Agreement will be easier too. You’ll see why in my next Inventor Videos tip.

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