Hints, Tricks and Horrors of Product Pursuit

Logbook - Rules (Clip 8)

Let’s talk about your logbook.

As mentioned before, Inventors use a Logbook to document dates, discoveries and ideas. We do it to record evidence of our initial thought and their progress through the inventive process. “Grab it – or forget it!” Or is that just me?

Your log book can become your memory board and a daily diary. Some entries might just grasp an idea today – for later. Future pages will chase it down – with details and descriptions. Pages may end up showing the whole evolution of a possible product.

The time and dates of entries become your evidence of your attentiveness and continuous pursuit. That’s important! And there are some other rules to follow. Yes, when aren’t there rules!

First, the book itself must be stitched bound, or built so no pages can be inserted or substituted. This supplies integrity - it can’t be tampered with.

I like to use spiral bound school notebooks. Still, you should number every page…date each entry…so your story line unfolds in timely manner. Use ink, sensible sentences, drawings and full explanation. The intent is to inform your reader, your witness or your lawyer to fully understand your idea – at least as much as you do.

It’s very likely that someday you’ll scan the pages for a forgotten idea - or something that piques your interest all over again. Give yourself a chance to stumble on it - plain as day – just waiting for you… right there in your inventor Logbook.

We’ll discuss disclosing your logbook to others in another tip.
That’s when the rules of the logbook will come into play.

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