Hints, Tricks and Horrors of Product Pursuit

Another Crazy Idea (Clip 23)

Time for another break...but nort really. Instead of rules and regulations I want to dwell on tools. Quite often the tools you choose to promote products may seem like crazy ideas. My wife agrees.

This time I created a basketball free-throw contest. On-line! And it's FREE. How stupid is that? Well, it's no worse than giving videos away. And it may provide equal pleasure. Here goes!

The site is www.free-throw-shooter.com/ It offers four age group entry pages. Thats where you'll use the "comment" area of the post - to enter scores.

Grab a basketball. Find a court. Take 50 free-throws non-stop and remember how many were perfect. Now return to the new site to enter your chosen screen name, hometown and score. Brag to the world. It's simple!

This is just a PRE-LAUNCH to a bigger plan. I'd tell you more, but I'd have to kill you. You'll see, it's not just another crazy idea. Not like www.free-throw-shooter.com/

To keep video viewers happy, I added a clip to explain my fascination with basketball. Forgive me for using your favored media to promote products. But it seems to work.

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